Researchers at leading universities worldwide are using VISTA Studies, an affordable, HIPAA-compliant, IRB-approvable web-based questionnaire delivery system, to develop multicenter online disease registries.

Read on to see how VISTA Studies benefited researchers who had the following key requirements for their online disease registry:

Multicenter Online Disease Registry


  • Collect Patient Data from Multiple Research Centers into a Single Online Registry Website

    Multicenter/Study Website – Hosts multiple centers/studies from a single website providing you with a centralized repository to track and view patient data.

  • Protect Privacy of Patient Data

    Security and Privacy – Password-protected, HIPAA-compliant survey system meets IRBs stringent requirements for security and privacy.

  • Prevent Research Team Members from Submitting Incomplete Questionnaires

    Automatic Data Validation – Improves data quality by automatically detecting illegal/out-of-range data entry, or unanswered questions and prompting data entry personnel to correct responses and complete questions.

  • View Completed Questionnaires in Real-Time

    Real-Time Data Access – View your data as soon it is collected. Easily drill down to the individual response level to see the details of particular patient’s data. Apply filters to your results to see patterns in the data.

  • Export Data to Your Computer

    Data Download – With the click of a button you can download your data in multiple formats, including Excel and XML.

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